GDPR PII Compliance Discovery – Notable scalability Increases from 20 million rows in 3 minutes to 100 million rows in just 4 minutes on Amazon’s AWS Cloud (S3 & Hadoop). BigDataRevealed (BDR) delivered these tuning results just by managing the AWS Executor-Numbers and Executor-Cores which allowed Spark / Java to perform at its optimal, affordably. […]

GDPR – 20 million rows in 3 minutes to Discover Personal Data on a single desktop with BigDataRevealed! With its scalability BigDataRevealed (BDR) can Discover billions of rows daily. Discover, Locate, Encrypt data while BDR also builds a metadata catalogue that directs you to the file, column and row(s) where the personal data was discovered. […]

The EU GDPR is just the beginning, Germany just enacted additional laws to fill perceived weaknesses in the GDPR. Canada, China and others have their own Data Privacy Laws and it is believed the USA will soon have regulations to satisfy demands by Citizens to have their Personal Data and Privacy protected. It isn’t going […]

Germany’s EU Data Protection Adaptation and Implementation Act addresses issues left open by the General Data Protection Regulation and implements the EU Directive 2016/680 on Data Protection for the Prevention and Prosecution of Criminal Offenses into German law. The new legislation includes a completely new Federal Data Protection Act and provides for various changes to […]

GDPR – BigDataRevealed Light & All-Inclusive. A technological Apache Spark Solution that assists you in becoming GDPR Compliant, quickly, accurately & affordably. A start-up with a production ready GDPR Compliance Application is seeking partners to capture the newest growth sector in technology, protection of Citizen’s Data and Data Compliance. We welcome Resellers, OEM’s, White Labels, […]

GDPR – BigDataRevealed light and all-inclusive, a Well-thought-out technological Solution that quickly assists you to become GDPR Compliant.     Join us at  For information reach us at  / 847.440.4439  

GDPR; No more excuses, GDPR Readiness can be started and, on its way, Free with a Technology Application built to assist and speed up GDPR Compliance.  This video tells the story much better than I can in just words.  Discovery, Remediation (encryption, sequestration), Consent, Right of Erasure, Data Protection Impact Assessment, Vulnerability Audits and […]