“Centralizing the management of customer data can also empower companies to build detailed profiles of each individual customer. Forbes Councils Luc Burgelman. To approach GDPR as a revenue-generating opportunity, it behooves companies to manage their customer data from one integrated system”  https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestechcouncil/people/lucburgelman1/ GDPR And The Trusted Framework For Data Privacy. BigDataRevealed has architected its GDPR […]

BigDataRevealed for GDPR adds a new generation of value for Consumer Intelligence. During the Discovery process BDR builds a metadata catalog that gives Data Scientists added information to improve Data Analytics and notify you when Customer Behaviors are about too or have already changed, while protecting Customers’ Personal Data. To support GDPR’s Compliance, BDR builds […]

 BigDataRevealed for GDPR. More Optimization and now One Billion Rows of Personal Data Discovered in a 33 minutes!  BigDataRevealed (BDR) closes the latency gap for the protection of Citizens Personal Data while keeping accuracy and costs affordable to all. We are eliminating excuses to not be compliant with GDPR and other countries regulations, No matter […]

GDPR Discovery – One Billion Rows of Personal Data Discovered in an hour; 1 million rows with 1,000 columns in 4 minutes!  BigDataRevealed (BDR) can nearly approach real-time protection of Citizens Data. If GDPR processing takes too long, or you are unable to process IoT & other streaming data in an efficient manner while also […]

GDPR PII Compliance Discovery – Notable scalability Increases from 20 million rows in 3 minutes to 100 million rows in just 4 minutes on Amazon’s AWS Cloud (S3 & Hadoop). BigDataRevealed (BDR) delivered these tuning results just by managing the AWS Executor-Numbers and Executor-Cores which allowed Spark / Java to perform at its optimal, affordably. […]

GDPR – 20 million rows in 3 minutes to Discover Personal Data on a single desktop with BigDataRevealed! With its scalability BigDataRevealed (BDR) can Discover billions of rows daily. Discover, Locate, Encrypt data while BDR also builds a metadata catalogue that directs you to the file, column and row(s) where the personal data was discovered. […]