GDPR; Why are companies putting more emphasis on Consent then the Protection of our Personal Data? Lack of consent may mean annoyance / fines, though hacked personal data, can mean catastrophe for the Citizen and the Company.  If it’s a Consent Application and Module you desire, here is one that is ready for market and […]

As Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive of Facebook, himself put it: “We have a responsibility to protect your data.” These companies should be considered, to borrow a term coined by the law professor Jack Balkin, “information fiduciaries” — or perhaps “data fiduciaries.”  An American Alternative to Europe’s Privacy Law – An amazing article by Tim […]

Data laws ‘open firms to extortion by hackers’ “Strict new data laws will lead to a surge in “cyber-extortion” attacks, insurers and security experts warn.  AIG, the insurer, received the same number of claims related to cyber breaches last year as in the previous four years combined and expects more attacks after the introduction of […]

One has to wonder when Wall Street and shareholders will start to react as this decision impacts their bottom line?  One may have to assume if a company walks away and alienates half a billion current and potential customers, this will not bode well for sales and revenues.  Then what? Will the same response occur […]

GDPR; Missing the boat on GDPR readiness even with millions of dollars and thousands of employees/consultants (at times for a single company)? Why when technologies are available that might reduce efforts by as much as 90%, and even complete some tasks in a few days or weeks? Article 35 of GDPR clearly states the importance […]

Here is a question about the use of IP Addresses used by Companies, Websites, Social Media and others admittedly, to avoid the GDPR and blocking access to EU Citizens. Is this a GDPR violation of using Personal Data (IP Addresses) without the EU Citizens Consent? GDPR Personal Data The term ‘personal data’ is the entryway […]