BigDataRevealed is a substantial application with built-in automation to accelerate companies’ ability to meet the core requirements of the E.U. GDPR. What would take months or more, can be accomplished in weeks with a finished specialized software application. Put your company on its way to protecting Citizen’s Personal Data, maintaining proper Citizen’s Consent, providing for accurate Right of Erasure and the means to discover all the data assets of a Citizen.

 Join us at  For Product info reach us at  / 847.440.4439

 BigDataRevealed was built:

 To keep your Customers’ Personal Data Secure and deter data theft.

  1. To track and promote communication between you and your customers to achieve proper “Consent” processing.
  2. To allow Encryption, Sequestration of Personal Data Patterns and specific User requested Data Asset Values.
  3. To Discover, Identify, Delete and aid you in delivering to any customer, their ‘Right of Erasure’.
  4. Supply extensive Catalog and Metadata to keep track, of all the above actions.
  5. Provide APIs that allow continued use of your ‘Protected’ data so your business can continue normally.
  6. Deliver a Roadmap to quickly accomplish the above for GDPR Compliance.

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