GDPR, too much talk about Consent in the media is not your biggest nightmare, exposed Citizens Personal Data is. This will be what Hackers are waiting to exploit.

 GDPR is Live, yet surveys show most Companies have No Idea of their Risks of exposing Customers Personal Data. BigDataRevealed (BDR) will show you in days the extent of that risk.

It is reported that if hackers steal encrypted data, lawsuits and EU fines will be limited. Yesterday, lawsuits of 7 billion euros were filed from people in the EU. Next, it will be hackers selecting their prey from targets that include nearly 100% of the worlds companies that likely have unprotected personal data in their environment.

BDR can complete a Free personal data exposure assessment in just days.

Over the past years BigDataRevealed was built specifically for GDPR and will quickly deliver an accurate, complete solution that includes, Discovery of Patterns and Values, Encryption, a full Consent module, Right of Erasure, Indirect Identifiers and do this for Structured, Unstructured, IoT Streaming, Emails and more.

Watch this short video, then decide if you want to take advantage of this offer.

Join us at  For information reach us at  / 847.440.4439

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