GDPR; Missing the boat on GDPR readiness even with millions of dollars and thousands of employees/consultants (at times for a single company)? Why when technologies are available that might reduce efforts by as much as 90%, and even complete some tasks in a few days or weeks?

Article 35 of GDPR clearly states the importance of conducting a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA). If your advisors have not been telling you this, we feel you are being given poor and risky advice. 

What might be even more disturbing is that many GDPR readiness projects also seem to miss the overriding theme of the Regulation, and that is protecting Citizens Personal Data (not by intrusion software but through encryption).  Certainly ‘Consent’

has been written about by many individuals on popular Web-Sites and by bloggers, but at the heart of GDPR is the idea that companies must first protect a Citizen’s Personal Data from hackers or internal theft. Why have we not heard more of an uproar about exposing individuals personal Data?  Perhaps because companies feel it is too difficult to complete? Perhaps because companies are not getting proper advice from those that they rely upon? Perhaps because software companies aren’t confident in their solutions? Add to this the hackers have not started their havoc and mayhem by hacking and exposing all this unprotected Personal Data.

We know most technology solutions appear too cumbersome or even too incomplete for companies to rely upon, and that has caused companies to look within for solutions.  But with a vast shortage of skilled GDPR professional, I wonder if they are getting the proper information. 

Are C level executives being led astray by ill-informed, or un-certified GDPR lawyers, DPO’s, Auditing firms, and IT staff. Unfortunately, they will not know this until after their first hack or first audit by the EU.

Search results on LinkedIn show that People with GDPR in their titles or anywhere in their profile are less than 3% of those needed for the roughly 3 million companies that will need to become GDPR compliant. By adding individuals with Data Management, Data Science or Compliance in their title and we are now at a whopping 8% of the people needed. So, my point is, why not do what the EU Companies are said to be doing, and that is looking for strong technology that will get them close to GDPR Compliant quickly, accurately and at a reasonable cost.

We believe there are a few software solutions that have merit for GDPR. What if the EU GDPR Commission and ICO acquire a product that is capable of discovering Personal Data anywhere in your data environment. What chance will your company have to defend itself against such proof? Remember not only hackers but internal ‘whistleblowers’ may be motivated to cause your company damage. Your only hope may be to acquire such a product as soon as possible and conduct a DPIA before exposed personal data is discovered by EU Regulators in your environment.  

I believe that with a relativity tiny staff and just a few weeks, and of course the right software package, a company can complete a meaningful DPIA and avoid the wrath of EU Regulators when hackers or whistleblowers cause the EU to audit your data environment.

I also believe that BigDataRevealed is that special software product with the strongest GDPR technology on the market. It would require just a week to complete a proof of concept and demonstrate ‘hard’ results.  Let us assist you in becoming GDPR ready.

Over the past several years BigDataRevealed was built specifically for GDPR and will quickly deliver an accurate, complete solution that includes, Discovery of Patterns and Values, Encryption, a full Consent module, Right of Erasure, Indirect Identifiers and do this for Structured, Unstructured, IoT Streaming, Emails and more.

Watch this short video, then decide if you want to take advantage of this offer.

Join us at  For information reach us at  / 847.440.4439


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