One has to wonder when Wall Street and shareholders will start to react as this decision impacts their bottom line?  One may have to assume if a company walks away and alienates half a billion current and potential customers, this will not bode well for sales and revenues.  Then what? Will the same response occur when Canada, China and eventually the US enact regulation similar to GDPR?

They have had two years to prepare and are admitting defeat. Do they believe no companies will be able to comply, and the EU will be forced to relent on enforcement? I’m sure each company has their own reasoning for such a full-scale retreat, but do they realize the opportunity they are giving other companies to gain dominance in a market they previously lead.

If a new technology innovator develops an application that can meet the GDPR, won’t that company ascend to prominence almost overnight?  We believe many markets are now open to insightful nimble companies with the vision of protecting customers data. 

BigDataRevealed may just be that new and innovative application technology that other companies choose to incorporate into their products. Even in markets outside of the EU, a company with an offering that can be Trusted to protect personal data will be in a position to excel.

I still am having trouble comprehending the reasons behind exiting the EU market place, but the thought has occurred to me, that maybe the most advanced companies in the world today have lost their technological advantage and ability, or maybe they are just so focused on their core business that they have lost the ability to think ‘outside of the box’?

Give BigDataRevealed just a week or two to demonstrate a proof of concept using any data of your choice and you will not be disappointed. Make plans to capitalize on the abandonment of the EU market.

Watch this short video, then decide if you want to take advantage of this offer.

 Join us at  For information reach us at  / 847.440.4439


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