Data laws ‘open firms to extortion by hackers’

“Strict new data laws will lead to a surge in “cyber-extortion” attacks, insurers and security experts warn. 

AIG, the insurer, received the same number of claims related to cyber breaches last year as in the previous four years combined and expects more attacks after the introduction of the general data protection regulation. This article quotes AIG – 

I believe, Companies should stop worrying just about consent, while leaving their Customers / Citizens Data Exposed to be hacked and held for ransom. 

I wish Companies would at least run a Data Protection Impact Assessment and encrypt or sequester as much Personal Data Discovered as possible. This in itself could prevent billions in fines and lawsuits while preventing Customer dissatisfaction. 

Watch this short video, BigDataRevealed will be offering shortly, a light version of its GDPR Application to accomplish important parts of a DPIA and allow Companies to have a well-informed idea of just how exposed and vulnerable they may be.  / 847.440.4439.

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