GDPR; “European Commission “doesn’t plan to comply with GDPR” – well, sort of” – I do not believe they have a means to accurately and quickly audit for GDPR. “Apparently, the EC is planning to subject itself to a regulation that will work like GDPR, even though it hasn’t yet done so”.  or

This does not surprise me. I am unaware of the EU having technology applications to audit for whistleblowers, after a hacker releases proof it stole Citizens Personal Data or after a company reports a breach as required.

It may make sense for the EU GDPR Commission to start working with companies that can deliver accurate and quick Compliance / Validation Audit Applications.

Here is one that can assist  and will do so affordably, quickly and with limited resources necessary from the EU Commission and Regulators.

For General Information on BigDataRevealed for GDPR or a limited time Free BDR-Starter-Audit-Application offer at:  / 847.440.4439

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