GDPR; Why are companies putting more emphasis on Consent then the Protection of our Personal Data? Lack of consent may mean annoyance / fines, though hacked personal data, can mean catastrophe for the Citizen and the Company.

 If it’s a Consent Application and Module you desire, here is one that is ready for market and should keep you in GDPR Compliance along with your internal administrative requirements. .

 We would like to see a major Social Media, Internet / Search or Software vendor adopt this Application and make it a universal one stop Consent for the worlds Citizens and Companies. Feel free to inquire.

 For those companies that feel this is getting in the way of proceeding to the Discovery and Protection of the Citizens Data, we will gift you a 6-month subscription of its use for we feel we would be doing the Citizens of the world a big favor and get the Protection of their Personal Data as a higher priority.

 We believe the emphasis should be on Protecting Citizens Personal Data. Its theft can cause havoc on their lives, whereas lack of Consent my not cause the Citizen quite the harm that their Unprotected Personal Data in the wrong hands could.

 Take advantage of this limited time offer.  / 847.440.4439

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