California has passed a digital privacy law granting consumers more control over and insight into the spread of their personal information online, creating one of the most significant regulations overseeing the data-collection practices of technology companies in the United States. “The new law grants consumers the right to know what information companies are collecting […]

GDPR forgive us, it’s been one month since you were enforced… … and we still aren’t accepting EU users Companies block EU Citizens from their websites by using IP addresses which links below say is a violation of GDPR. An IP address can determine a user’s location which has been determined “Personal Data”. GDPR is […]

“Ransomhack; a new attack blackmailing business owners using GDPR. Hackers Are Threatening Companies To Leak Stolen User Data Online To Hurt Them Through GDPR Regulations – In Return They Are Demanding Ransom Money.” Here is a sobering message from the hackers themselves. “Business owners are reporting that they are being subject to cyber attacks related […]

 “Centralizing the management of customer data can also empower companies to build detailed profiles of each individual customer. Forbes Councils Luc Burgelman. To approach GDPR as a revenue-generating opportunity, it behooves companies to manage their customer data from one integrated system” GDPR And The Trusted Framework For Data Privacy. BigDataRevealed has architected its GDPR […]

BigDataRevealed for GDPR adds a new generation of value for Consumer Intelligence. During the Discovery process BDR builds a metadata catalog that gives Data Scientists added information to improve Data Analytics and notify you when Customer Behaviors are about too or have already changed, while protecting Customers’ Personal Data. To support GDPR’s Compliance, BDR builds […]