Germany’s EU Data Protection Adaptation and Implementation Act addresses issues left open by the General Data Protection Regulation and implements the EU Directive 2016/680 on Data Protection for the Prevention and Prosecution of Criminal Offenses into German law. The new legislation includes a completely new Federal Data Protection Act and provides for various changes to other laws in the security area. While the GDPR is directly applicable in Germany, businesses will need to look to both the GDPR and the Federal Data Protection Act to understand and comply with the legal ramifications for data processing in Germany.

Like the GDPR, the new Federal Data Protection Act (2018 BDSG) came into force on May 25, 2018, and governs—much like the “old” BDSG of 2003—data protection in the public and private sectors. Its 85 sections are divided in four parts: common provisions, provisions implementing the GDPR, provisions implementing the Directive 2016/680, and a special provision for data processing that is subject neither to the GDPR nor to the Directive 2016/680. New criminal law provisions and penalties for data protection breaches are part of the legal package.

More reasons to stop being like the vast majority of companies that are still exposing Citizens’ and Customers’ data.  Even beyond Germany, as other countries enact their own Data Protection Regulations you may be forced to make plans to protect Citizens’ data sooner than you hoped.  At least take the first important steps in protecting Citizens’ Data and escape the worst of the regulatory penalties, and at the same time earn customer respect and loyalty. We can help you complete these steps quickly and accurately. 

BigDataRevealed, what it offers and means to you becoming compliant with GDPR and other Countries’ Regulatory Requirements:

  1. Discovery of Personal Data Patterns and User defined values in almost any type of data.
  2. For each column of a file, BigDataRevealed displays the percentage of all the values in that column that matched each Data Pattern or Specific Data Value requested by the User.
  3. Ability to verify false positives.
  4. Complete Consent module, including creation of a Citizen’s unique encrypted Identification value to ensure secure bi-lateral communications. With the ability to up and download consent documents, notes, other confirmations regarding Consent or revocation of Consent.
  5. The Data Asset Browser and downloader for those that need a means to load their legacy data more easily into the BigDataRevealed Hadoop or Amazon AWS S3 Central Data Store for the most accurate processing and delivery of results. Its near improbable to deliver many GDPR Requirements without the centralizing of a Companies data, such as Indirect Identifiers.
  6. Full use of the BigDataRevealed’s Regular Expression Engine containing Personal Data Patterns and user defined patterns.
  7. Exportable metadata for completing Right of Erasure,
  8. Encryption of personal data and delivery of metadata pointing to the column and row where the data was discovered.
  9. The ability to decrypt data when and where desired using our extensive API library.
  10. The ability to discover and encrypt the most complexing part of GDPR, Indirect Identifiers.
  11. Ability to Drill down to the actual system source of record to verify the validity of a Pattern or specific data value.
  12. The ability to read any size Outlook PST email file and process both the email text and attached documents for Personal Information and user defined values.

For a limited time, Free two-week usage of BigDataRevealed. A year’s subscription of only $1500 for Light or $5000 for an ‘All Inclusive’ product containing ‘Right of Erasure’, Remediation via Encryption.

BigDataRevealed can be a GDPR lifeline for a company and jump-start any GDPR Project, saving months. and and  For information  / 847.440.4439

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