The EU GDPR is just the beginning, Germany just enacted additional laws to fill perceived weaknesses in the GDPR. Canada, China and others have their own Data Privacy Laws and it is believed the USA will soon have regulations to satisfy demands by Citizens to have their Personal Data and Privacy protected. It isn’t going away, it’s actually expanding; Data Privacy is here to stay.

Citizens realize they are regaining control of their Personal Data and won’t be satisfied until they are safe from cybercrime. General dissatisfaction has already resulted in lawsuits of nearly 9 billion Euro against companies like Google, Facebook and others. Banks, Insurance firms and other financial companies will be prime targets for hackers seeking ransom payments from unprepared companies. Just in the past few days a Canadian bank was held for ransom when their environment was breached. These attacks will only increase in frequency and ferocity as hackers understand their ransom demands won’t seem so large compared to the size of potential GDPR fines.

This is the beginning of Data Privacy opportunities for companies with the proper application solutions. A firm that is well respected and has an existing presence in the market place could greatly benefit if they could offer quality solutions.  The timing is right for a solution that is well-designed, thoroughly tested and capable of discovering and protecting personal data in a manner that allows companies to continue functioning without completely redeveloping their systems and how they conduct their business. A solution that can reduce compliance costs and implementation time to months and not years to reach proper levels of GDPR and other Regulatory Requirements.

We believe BigDataRevealed can be that solution as we have been designed from the beginning as a Personal Data Compliance solution and can achieve the important mandates of the GDPR in a direct un-complicated manner. We are 100% spark and java in a big data Scalable environment and have an extensive library of APIs to allow integration with existing software products or services.

We are searching for the proper partnership (or Acquisition) that will facilitate quick penetration of the market place for Personal Data protection solution delivery.  It is the opportune time to present ‘real’ solutions to companies that are realizing, not only are they vulnerable to EU regulators, but also from citizen lawsuits. We are a self-funded, debt free company without the normal stresses inherent with most start-ups that that have received many millions from venture groups and are being pressured to meet their demands. Our efforts were solely directed toward constructing agile solutions and building methodologies for the emerging Data Protection market.

We understand the importance of being a front-runner technologically and delivering stable, powerful solutions for this new marketplace. There is a recognized sever shortage of qualified GDPR personnel in the marketplace which has forced companies to attempt GDPR compliance without much assistance or even direction. The value of existing compliance software for these companies is obvious and offers a significant opportunity for the right firm. We believe a major Auditing / Consulting firm or Software provider is needed to take this head on.  Some major firms have tried to re-tool legacy software products designed for different business purposes. We believe a solution, directed at the real problem, that uses ‘state of the art’ technology and design methodologies will be recognized by customers as the only viable path in the new era of mandated Personal Data Protection.

We have managed the turnover of Intellectual Property and Source Code Licensing in the recent past with major companies and have the necessary skills and staff to satisfy the transition requirements of tech staff, pre-sales and sales staff, and executives. We feel these tasks could be completed in the matter of a few months.

BigDataRevealed will continue moving forward, enhancing its offerings, upgrading its Amazon AWS Cloud offerings, its Apache Hadoop offerings and continuing to grow and make its presence in the Data Protection and Regulatory arena.

Please contact us, we are open and look forward to listening to any proposals or comments you have. and and 

For information  / 847.440.4439

 BigDataRevealed, what it offers and means to you becoming compliant with GDPR and other Countries’ Regulatory Requirements:

  1. Discovery of Personal Data Patterns and User defined values in almost any type of data.
  2. For each column of a file, BigDataRevealed displays the percentage of all the values in that column that matched each Data Pattern or Specific Data Value requested by the User.
  3. Ability to verify false positives.
  4. Complete Consent module, including creation of a Citizen’s unique encrypted Identification value to ensure secure bi-lateral communications. With the ability to up and download consent documents, notes, other confirmations regarding Consent or revocation of Consent.
  5. The Data Asset Browser and downloader for those that need a means to load their legacy data more easily into the BigDataRevealed Hadoop or Amazon AWS S3 Central Data Store for the most accurate processing and delivery of results. Its near improbable to deliver many GDPR Requirements without the centralizing of a Company’s data, such as Indirect Identifiers.
  6. Full use of the BigDataRevealed’s Regular Expression Engine containing Personal Data Patterns and user defined patterns.
  7. Exportable metadata for completing Right of Erasure,
  8. Encryption of personal data and delivery of metadata pointing to the column and row where the data was discovered.
  9. The ability to decrypt data when and where desired using our extensive API library.
  10. The ability to discover and encrypt the most complexing part of GDPR, Indirect Identifiers.
  11. Ability to Drill down to the actual system source of record to verify the validity of a Pattern or specific data value.
  12. The ability to read any size Outlook PST email file and process both the email text and attached documents for Personal Information and user defined values.


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