GDPR – 20 million rows in 3 minutes to Discover Personal Data on a single desktop with BigDataRevealed! With its scalability BigDataRevealed (BDR) can Discover billions of rows daily.

Discover, Locate, Encrypt data while BDR also builds a metadata catalogue that directs you to the file, column and row(s) where the personal data was discovered.

BigDataRevealed allows:

  1. Drilling into Personal data to learn how it may be used.
  2. AWS S3 AMI or Apache Hadoop immediately remediates exposed personal data with encryption or erasure.
  3. Export metadata catalogue to your legacy platforms to complete the remediation of protecting Personal Data.

GDPR is a 24x7x365 requirement that BDR is built to handle. Our API library allows your daily processing streams to discover newly exposed personal data.

GDPR applies to all types and sources of data, not just data at rest. BigDataRevealed handles IoT streaming data, third party feeds, unstructured data, emails, data on laptops and other forms of data containing personal information. Don’t overlook the dangers of data found on employees’ personal laptops or even tablets.,,,  / 847.440.4439

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