GDPR PII Compliance Discovery – Notable scalability Increases from 20 million rows in 3 minutes to 100 million rows in just 4 minutes on Amazon’s AWS Cloud (S3 & Hadoop). BigDataRevealed (BDR) delivered these tuning results just by managing the AWS Executor-Numbers and Executor-Cores which allowed Spark / Java to perform at its optimal, affordably.

An eye-opening increase of over 300% using just 8 gigabytes of ram and 4 cores on AWS’s Cloud to complete Personal Data Discovery across 100 million rows of data. The cost for such dramatic scalability increases was minimal and has us ready to Bench Mark GDPR Discovery / Compliance / Remediation across a Billion rows and hopes to process in hours. We will share these results in the coming days.

BDR for GDPR and all Regulatory Data Compliance runs on AWS S3 Cloud, AWS Hadoop or your own Hadoop Server.

BDR can deliver for the largest of companies with the highest volumes of data.  Processing speed is what you need to gain control of new inflows of data from a variety of sources and to discover and remediate data on all personal data stored.

GDPR is much more than Consent!,,  / 847.440.4439,

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