BigDataRevealed for GDPR. More Optimization and now One Billion Rows of Personal Data Discovered in a 33 minutes!  BigDataRevealed (BDR) closes the latency gap for the protection of Citizens Personal Data while keeping accuracy and costs affordable to all. We are eliminating excuses to not be compliant with GDPR and other countries regulations, No matter your size or budget.

No more reasons to leave Customers / Citizens Personal Data exposed to hackers.

 BDR assists in delivering GDPR solutions for a company of any size with most any volume of data. Compliance requires timely discovery and remediation of Personal data which BDR accomplishes through its intelligent metadata. BDR processes data imported from Legacy Systems, and most any other sources of data. BDR runs on AWS S3 / Hadoop Cloud as well as any Hadoop implementation.

BDR has a Consent Module, Discovers Indirect Identifiers (least understood & most Overlooked GDPR requirement) and Discovery and Remediation of Personal Data.

BDR is dedicated to resolving your GDPR and other Regulatory Requirements.,,,  / 847.440.4439,

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