BigDataRevealed for GDPR adds a new generation of value for Consumer Intelligence. During the Discovery process BDR builds a metadata catalog that gives Data Scientists added information to improve Data Analytics and notify you when Customer Behaviors are about too or have already changed, while protecting Customers’ Personal Data.

To support GDPR’s Compliance, BDR builds a metadata catalog containing location, purpose, values, consistency of row content, accuracy of business classifications and identifies outliers for all rows processed. This rich, intelligent metadata becomes a source of knowledge to deliver enhanced and more accurate Consumer and Business Analytics.

By using BigDataRevealed and its Metadata, you protect your Customers’ Data, greatly reduce the potential for Regulatory fines and gain increased knowledge of customer activity through enhanced delivery of Consumer Intelligence.

BDR’s scalability and processing speeds allows a company to analyze data sources previously bypassed due to time constants. Prepare for GDPR while gaining valuable intelligence using BDR’s metadata roadmap.,  / 847.440.4439

“Big Data: A new way to think about data – and a new way of doing business” PwC


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