“Ransomhack; a new attack blackmailing business owners using GDPR. Hackers Are Threatening Companies To Leak Stolen User Data Online To Hurt Them Through GDPR Regulations – In Return They Are Demanding Ransom Money.”

Here is a sobering message from the hackers themselves. “Business owners are reporting that they are being subject to cyber attacks related to ransomware where personal data that belongs to users or customers is exposed and the ransom demand is made in return for its retrieval.”

“Experts from Bulgaria based TAD GROUP point out the difference in the ransom methodology. This time cybercriminals aim to disclose private information to the public eye rather than encrypt it so it is unobtainable unless paid for.” https://www.hackread.com/ransomhack-gdpr-attack-blackmailing-business-owners/

BigDataRevealed was built and is ready to protect against this paradigm shift.  

BigDataRevealed suggests the first process for GDPR compliance is to use Encryption, Sequestration, or Deletion to stifle the efforts of Hackers by making the Personal Data   acquired unusable.


https://gdprapplication.blog/,  847.440.4439  https://youtu.be/nwwqZTY_6Gc info@bigdatarevealed.com

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