GDPR forgive us, it’s been one month since you were enforced…

… and we still aren’t accepting EU users

Companies block EU Citizens from their websites by using IP addresses which links below say is a violation of GDPR. An IP address can determine a user’s location which has been determined “Personal Data”. GDPR is meant to eliminate the use of personal information without consent and to protect it.

I believe the EU GDPR and the ICO should respond to this misuse of Personal (IP) Data by companies to block EU Citizens. Citizens should pressure the EU GDPR to enforce these Regulations.

Companies need a different approach that meets the requirements of GDPR and is part of completing a real GDPR compliant website.

Legal maneuvers to circumvent regulations are not necessary, DPO’s and GDPR Lawyers need to reconsider their recommendations and consult with expert resources to find a compliant resolution to this GDPR issue.  (Courts),  847.440.4439

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