Take the GDPR Survey Below. What are the impediments, or reasons, keeping you, & 80% of companies, from becoming GDPR Compliant? Let BigDataRevealed know which statements below apply to you (by typing the number(s) comma separated) & adding any that pertain to you that we have overlooked in the comments. The EU will NOT take […]

What can we offer to break your resistance to trying a GDPR Application three years in the making? Most likely, you are in the same GDPR predicament that nearly all companies find themselves today; investing heavily in a project with no real GDPR solution on the horizon.  GDPR requires companies to protect Personal Information housed […]

Steve Meister and Associates can provide a quick start to achieving GDPR compliance by swiftly completing a comprehensive Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA).  Over the past two years our team has concentrated solely on understanding GDPR and developing applications to satisfy the important requirements of GDPR.  There are many companies that attempt to use old […]

Is the time right for your Company to look into Acquiring BigDataRevealed for EU GDPR?  The one GDPR Application built 100% from the start for GDPR and immediately delivers a 360% solution. Could owning and marketing a GDPR Application and Auditing Solution boost your company’s growth and Expand your Customer Base? Be a leader in […]

EU GDPR AND other Regulatory Compliance VS Point-Of-Sale, Analytics and Research They now can Co-Exist, allowing companies to be GDPR Compliant While not effecting or stifling their current means of conducting Their business with their Customers as well as not effecting Their Analytics, BI, AI, Research, Marketing, Competitiveness and General day to day operations they have become […]

How can you protect yourself from inferior GDPR technology that may just be an old ETL or Data Profiling tool masquerading as new technology? Billing for Consulting Services may really be what these companies are seeking, not necessarily a lasting software subscription agreement with you. How many of these Vendors would respond to a request […]

Big Spender: U.S. Firms Budget More For GDPR Than EU, UK Outfits. Overall, only 20% are fully compliant. “Some 25% of U.S. firms allocate at least $1 million on GDPR compliance, versus 10% in the UK and 7% in the EU. Still, 27% of the EU outfits are compliant, compared with 21% of the UK firms […]