EU GDPR, California’s digital privacy and other country’s emerging regulations. Benefit from BigDataRevealed’s foresight, we have been planning for such regulations for more than three years! We desire five early adopters to launch what we believe is the most comprehensive Personal Data Compliance and Protection Software available.

Personal Data regulations will not go away, they are only becoming more prevalent and demanding. Companies can no longer hope to escape complying with these regulations by clever court maneuvers or by hoping Government Agencies relent.  By retreating from these issues, you may in effect be retreating from staying in business. Some other companies will address these regulations and gain the business you currently have.

As a start-up, each of our core team has over 30 years’ experience with data management, profiling, metadata and privacy protection. We envisioned the coming demand for Personal Data Protection a number of years ago and have had the luxury to concentrate on solutions that address the needs, are simple to install, and integrate with existing applications easily by using our library of APIs. Our sole directive has been to address Data Protection and we believe we are the most comprehensive solution available.

BigDataRevealed, a Robust application that scales to process most any amount of data. We can process billions of rows of data in minutes.  We perform Personal Data Discovery, Remediation (via encryption), Metadata creation that gives us the ability to provide the ‘Right of Erasure’ and improved analytics. We are built using state of the art frameworks, platforms and languages giving us a huge advantage over solutions tied to older technologies originally designed for other purposes. BigDataRevealed has brought what it feels is the superior application for Personal Data Discovery, Protection, Remediation, Right of Erasure, Right of Consent, Encryption and overall protection of Personal Data, for data at rest, streaming and IoT data, structured data, unstructured data, email files and more.

California has passed a digital privacy law granting consumers more control of their Personal Data and requires companies to clearly articulate how they intend to use and disseminate the data collected from their customers. California has created one of the most significant regulations to oversee the data-collection practices of companies in the United States and we believe California is just the start.

“The new law grants consumers the right to know what information companies are collecting about them, why they are collecting that data and with whom they are sharing it. It gives consumers the right to tell companies to delete their information as well as to not sell or share their data. Businesses must still give consumers who opt out the same quality of service.”

BigDataRevealed already supports the most comprehensive GDPR Compliance, so California’s new Privacy Law should be about the same. BDR builds a metadata catalog containing location, purpose, values, consistency of row content, accuracy of business classifications and identifies outliers for all rows processed, and does this for Streaming data, structured and unstructured data formats.

With one BigDataRevealed Application your company can prepare to Discover, Remediate, and Protect your Customers Personal Data and allow your Company to survive, and even prosper, during this age of Data Regulation.

Become an early adopter of BigDataRevealed and forgo the first year’s subscription fee while implementing a solution that doesn’t require the long-elapsed time or large numbers of consultants and costs to complete, while knowing you will receive a comprehensive offering not a small piece of the puzzle.  

What BigDataRevealed can very quickly deliver:

  1. A proof of concept that can also supply detailed results needed to complete a Data Protection Impact Assessment (central to avoiding GDPR penalties),
  2. Phase one Remediation (encryption) of the vast majority of exposed Personal Data,
  3. A metadata Roadmap for the remainder of your requirements,
  4. The ability to ‘Validate’ the results on any recently completed compliance efforts by in-house staff, third party software or contracted services.

It will take just a few weeks for your staff to complete a proof of concept using BigDataRevealed. You won’t need many months of hard work before understanding if your compliance plan will ever deliver what is needed. BigDataRevealed is a mature product, not an idea, proving its value is relatively immediate.

Yes, we are bold in our message, but we are confident in what BigDataRevealed can deliver for you and your company. Be one of the few to receive this limited time offer.,  847.440.4439


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