GDPR can cost millions. For a few in Chicago, benefit as a Free early adopter of a Compliance, Audit and Data Protection application. It will produce a scoring of whether the information necessary to generate revenue is safe from GDPR and other Regulatory scrutiny. We desire a few firms to launch what we believe is the most comprehensive Personal Data Compliance and Protection Software available. We will facilitate this free offer onsite.

Personal Data regulations will not go away, they are only becoming more prevalent and demanding.

BigDataRevealed, a Robust application that scales to process billions of rows of data in minutes.  We perform Personal Data Discovery, Remediation (via encryption), Metadata creation that gives the ability to provide the ‘Right of Erasure’, Right of Consent and improved analytics. We are built using advanced frameworks, platforms and languages giving a huge advantage over solutions tied to older technologies.

It will take just a few days for our staff then an additional few weeks for your staff to complete an additional proof of concept using BigDataRevealed. BigDataRevealed is a mature product, not an idea, proving its value is relatively immediate.,  847.440.4439


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