Are you avoiding becoming GDPR Compliant because your Call Centers won’t function? A Solution now exists!

BigDataRevealed has developed a methodology using our software that provides secure access to Encrypted Data on a customer by customer basis! Now Call Centers for Retail Order Processing, Banking Inquiries, Medical/Pharmaceutical questions and others can be safely processed without exposing the main data stores. Clerical Staff can accept Name, Birth Date, Partial Social Security / Citizen ID or many other Personal data fields and BigDataRevealed will securely encrypt the Personal Data provided, locate data related to that individual in the encrypted data stores and then decrypt only that individual’s data for use by Call Center staff, with a single API. 

Don’t let Encryption/Decryption stifle your call centers.  BigDataRevealed with our new GDPR API can still be installed and running in a day.

BigDataRevealed uses secured spark java application interfaces that safely access encryption keys generated during its discovery and remediation process. Remain compliant with EU GDPR and other Jurisdiction’s Regulations while continuing to operate your Call Centers.,  847.440.4439  


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