Big Spender: U.S. Firms Budget More For GDPR Than EU, UK Outfits. Overall, only 20% are fully compliant. “Some 25% of U.S. firms allocate at least $1 million on GDPR compliance, versus 10% in the UK and 7% in the EU.

Still, 27% of the EU outfits are compliant, compared with 21% of the UK firms and 12% of U.S. firms. Overall, only 20% are fully compliant. 

 What’s more, 56% of U.S. firms expect to be fully compliant this year. And a majority — 68% have spent six figures to date on GDPR, and 27% have shelled out seven figures, with 1% spending more than $5 million. And roughly the same percentages expect to spend the same this year.

 A big concern is the complexity of the regulation, which is daunting for 72% in the EU.”

 Are you one of the 80% of companies vulnerable to the negative ramifications of a successful hack because you are not GDPR compliant? Don’t be blindsided, let BigDataRevealed jump start your compliance.

BigDataRevealed, a Robust GDPR application performs Data Discovery, Remediation, Right of Erasure, Consent and Call Center Compatibility through intelligent Metadata.,  847.440.4439



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