How can you protect yourself from inferior GDPR technology that may just be an old ETL or Data Profiling tool masquerading as new technology? Billing for Consulting Services may really be what these companies are seeking, not necessarily a lasting software subscription agreement with you.

How many of these Vendors would respond to a request from you to install their product free of charge on your equipment and process several billion rows of your data to prove their worth and scalability?

BigDataRevealed will accept that challenge, and in under two weeks, demonstrate how our product provides information necessary to complete a Data Protection Impact Assessment, remediate exposed Personal Data, process a customer’s Right of Erasure and even keep your Call Center functioning against encrypted Master Files.

 GDPR became law in 2016 with an enforcement date of May 25th, 2018. Currently only a handful of Software Providers even claim to have useful products to address GDPR requirements. In the past when a company was looking for an application there were several well tested offerings to choose from.  But now, where do you look for a GDPR application? No matter what product, or series of products, you select you will be a Beta Site or close to it.

 Of course, you may choose to build everything yourself, but without a template or a vetted methodology to follow, the probability of failure may be high.

 Don’t begin a project as critical as GDPR Compliance without investigating a product like BigDataRevealed. Our methodology was developed over the past two years, specifically to meet GDPR requirements and was implemented with the latest technologies to achieve maximum speed and flexibility.   

Give BigDataRevealed a call. Even if you don’t wish to use our product we have a wealth of knowledge that might save you many procedural and developmental dead-ends.,  847.440.4439

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