Steve Meister and Associates can provide a quick start to achieving GDPR compliance by swiftly completing a comprehensive Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA).  Over the past two years our team has concentrated solely on understanding GDPR and developing applications to satisfy the important requirements of GDPR.  There are many companies that attempt to use old technology to achieve compliance but find they are inadequate for the job.  We understand the design Dead–Ends you will encounter and will direct you toward the appropriate methodologies and resolutions.

Completing a useful DPIA is the first step in understanding your data and highlights the areas of vulnerability in your environment.  From a DPIA a course of action to remediate(encrypt) critical Personal Data fields can be initiated as well as a comprehensive, collaborative metadata catalog of the discovery process, be amassed.

The remaining, and most important, design steps are those that allow you to continue normal processing of your data after many fields have been encrypted. This has been the stumbling block causing so many development efforts to fail. We have successfully addressed this issue and can show you how to keep your production, point-of-sale, analytics, AI and other systems functioning after data has been encrypted in your environment to protect personal data, data stored without consent and data encrypted for the citizens that exercised their right of data erasure.  

Our team will assist in implementing a collaborative, two-way communications between you and your customers for establishing, verifying and allowing ongoing maintenance of your customers consent as well as fulfilling demands from customers to grant their right of erasure (“Right to be Forgotten”).

We will show you how to process, discover and remediate (encrypt) IoT feeds, Third Party data streams, company transactions such as ATM’s, online orders, customer requests, even machine statuses and more as you receive the data and before inclusion into your data environment.

We will Discover Personal Data embedded in live streaming data and remediate, on the fly, before it is written to data at rest. For data already at rest (structured and unstructured), we will perform discovery and remediation while creating a comprehensive, detailed Metadata Catalog for all files, columns and rows where personal data was found. Our product includes discovery and remediation of Direct as well as Indirect Identifiers, even across multiple files and structure types.

Take advantage of the 3 years of dedicated GDPR research and product development that went into building BigDataRevealed and the 30-year average of data management experience our experts each offer.

Bring Steve Meister and/or other BigDataRevealed personnel onto your project and become familiar with our abilities and knowledge. We can, if you request, bring and install BigDataRevealed’s GDPR application to assist in the steps outlined above or work with your Dev team and accomplish this.    

You don’t need to sacrifice Point-Of-Sale, Analytics, AI or Research in order to be GDPR compliant. GDPR and Normal Business procedures can now Co-Exist.


We can Deliver a total GDPR plan, provide development support or BigDataRevealed implementation support to achieve the following.

  1. Data and Pattern Discovery with Remediation via Encryption and Sequestration,
  2. Metadata Catalogs containing Discovery Results, locations of source data with vulnerability, and a Summary of the discovery compliance,
  3. Consent Processing allowing Citizen and Company to interact collaboratively.
  4. Right of Erasure and Indirect Identifiers,
  5. Ability to Process Data at Rest, Live Streaming Data, IoT Data, Structured and Unstructured data,
  6. Incredible Scalability using Apache Hadoop or AWS S3, capable of housing Corporate-wide data assets of most any size.

Point-Of-Sale-Video  847.440.4439  General GDPR Application Video

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