Take the GDPR Survey Below. What are the impediments, or reasons, keeping you, & 80% of companies, from becoming GDPR Compliant?

Let BigDataRevealed know which statements below apply to you (by typing the number(s) comma separated) & adding any that pertain to you that we have overlooked in the comments.

The EU will NOT take actions to fine companies.

  1. The EU has no mechanism to audit companies, so why worry.
  2. We will only be fined if we are breached and we feel comfortable hackers will not penetrate our ‘Firewalls’.
  3. The cost to become compliant is prohibitive.
  4. We won’t be able to use our existing applications if we encrypt the Personal Data in our files.
  5. We don’t need to do business in the EU, so why become compliant.
  6. Collecting ‘Consent’ documentation is too cumbersome.
  7. If we ask for ‘Consent’ too few individuals will respond affirmatively.
  8. The costs of EU fines may put us out of business, but the cost of adjusting our applications to handle encrypted data certainly will.
  9. We hope to be lucky and have no whistle blowers, no breaches and no EU audits.
  10. US Regulators will never place similar restraints on companies, so we are secure.
  11. We just don’t know and understand GDPR well enough to plan properly.



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