BigDataRevealed for GDPR Compliance is the engine that builds a superior big data platform. This becomes the bedrock for GDPR compliance projects as well as for any other big data initiatives. The architecture moves data at rest, or streaming data, into a big data platform with incredible speed and accuracy, while allowing modification, encryption and categorization of that data before it becomes data at rest.  Our platform’s value is substantially increased through the creation of a robust intelligent Metadata Catalogue to support any number of processes or analytics.

BigDataRevealed (BDR) creates, names, maintains and consolidates folders on the big data platform for easy use by data scientists. Data can be moved directly into encrypted zones for security until the proper remedies are determined to insure Regulatory Compliance. Remedies such as, encryption of Personal Data, removal of data to complete a customer’s Right of Erasure and discovery of Indirect Identifiers.

BDR builds an intelligent Metadata Catalog that can be collaboratively augmented by users and data analysts to produce invaluable insights into your world of data assets, while allowing direct identification of where in your environment you can retrieve the required data for other needs.

Our extensible regular expression engine will discover numerous types of data, or specific data values, during normal processing and then allow data scientists to request removal, encryption or other processing activities for each pattern or value identified.  It is like finding that needle in a hay stack without doing the hard work, allowing data scientists the time to concentrate on more productive tasks.  BigDataRevealed’s indirect identifier algorithms allow relationships across multiple files to be discovered, even when those files contain disparate data structures.  BDR completes a high percentage of the heavy data manipulation and organization allowing data scientist to concentrate on analytics needed to improve your company’s operations.

BigDataRevealed’s most powerful feature is its ability to access encrypted data, housed in your Big Data Environment, or in traditional data environments, without the need to build elaborate decryption processes. Our single API will accept un-encrypted values from existing data applications; find the records desired from the protected data environment; decrypt just the record or series of records needed; and then pass that data back to the application.  You can continue to use your existing Point-of- Sale, Marketing or Analytics systems with minimal additional overhead.

BDR can save a company many months of development and dramatically reduce the cost of any large project. BDR’s platform is ideal for bringing together data from almost any source and providing a mechanism to integrate the data into a meaningful asset.

BigDataRevealed supplies the tools to architect and build a big data platform while supplying features ideally suited to reach GDPR compliance. Our workbench gives power, flexibility and a wealth of information to data scientists so that your company can be supplied with accurate and insightful information.  Many additional data movement and manipulation features traditionally associated with ETL tool kits are available in BDR.

BDR’s graphical interface provides a simple means for you to optimize your big data platform. Screens are available for data scientists to adjust the number of nodes, cores, processors and memory to most efficiently process the data at hand. No need to wait for high skilled server technicians to reconfigure the environment. Data scientist will become familiar with the size, formats and data types of their jobs and take the extra minute to adjust the environment.  This can make the difference between a job running 6 hours or 6 minutes with just a few minutes of quick tuning.


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