Collaboratively we could be the “First” true “GDPR” Success story! BigDataRevealed has Technology, architecture, methodology and framework built specifically for GDPR, understands the Requirements to achieve success and has written extensively on GDPR design strengths and failures. All we need is your trust and desire to be recognized as the first company in the world to combat the hackers and show auditors and doubters how it is done. Take credit for understanding the difficulties and implementing the first true GDPR environment; be the leader and share the methodology and successes with others while receiving the appreciation of your customers who now can trust you have their interests at heart.

This will take a coordinated effort from all the significant players in order to be successful. BigDataRevealed’s software, our joint expertise, your company’s DPO (or equivalent), upper management, your security and technical staff and perhaps some staff augmentation from BigDataRevealed.  A proof of concept can be completed in just a few weeks at a minimal cost and will give you the comfort of knowing a real solution is available.  After its success the solution can be rolled out company wide and protect all your company’s data assets.

Your company, and its reputation will reap the rewards of being the first all around GDPR solution that includes, Discovery and location of vulnerable personal data, Remediation via Encryption or Sequestration, proper citizen Consent management, a thorough Right of Erasure solution, and the ability to keep existing operational and production systems functioning as they do now while using encrypted databases. And as an added bonus, keep your Analytical, BI, AI, Product Research all intact.

Be known as an industry front-runner to more than just your customers and competitors; imagine the positive response from Wall Street and the Press you will receive by demonstrating you are the first to have secured customer’s personal data without jeopardizing corporate efficiencies and deliverables.

Without incorporating designs to encrypt, or otherwise anonymize, the Personally Identifiable Information in your environment you really are without a data compliance plan altogether.


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