Will failure to reach GDPR compliance be more a failure of those giving advice and supplying services? Perhaps that would be accurate but, none the less, it will be the company that pays the price in the form of fines, loss of customers, market cap and reputation.

GDPR Compliance is confusing and so often companies inaccurately believe they are working toward a solution when they actually are not. Just what are the major requirements of GDPR and how do you know if your designs will ever allow you to achieve compliancy?  How can you reach your goal without disrupting your existing Point of Sale applications, your predictive consumer intelligence programs, and the many other applications that support your ongoing daily business? Without fully understanding the principals of Personal Information Protection you could be ‘shooting in the dark’ and literally never reach GDPR compliance, or satisfy other regulatory requirements being initiated by States in the US and by other countries.

Are there software products that correctly understand the first and most significant tenant of Data Regulation, the Protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII)? There is consensus that encryption of data is the most direct and easily implemented technique for protecting PII, but there is virtually no agreement as to the proper approach for completing the major steps of compliance such as discovering PII in your data environment, encrypting that data and then integrating that data into existing business applications.

Without incorporating designs to encrypt, or otherwise anonymize, the Personally Identifiable Information in your environment you really are without a data compliance plan altogether.

If you are grappling with issues of Data Regulatory Compliance, we suggest consideration of products that have been designed specifically for this purpose. They must include features for discovering the location of PII data everywhere in your data environment. They must provide mechanisms for Protecting/Encrypting PII when it is found.  Most importantly they must include features that allow existing applications to access and update the encrypted databases with minimal system adjustments and overhead.  

In under a two weeks BigDataRevealed can demonstrate our application does provide these features that you will need to become compliant and continue to function much as before. Let the application worry about GDPR while you concentrate on making your company a success.

Free yourself from the responsibility of learning the intricacies of all emerging data regulations and the effort of adjusting your data environment to meet those regulations as they appear. BigDataRevealed was designed and built specifically for the new era of Data Protection. We are experts in both the regulations themselves and in software to implement them in most any data environment.

Once your basic Discovery, Encryption and Processing needs are met for GDPR and other Data Regulatory Agencies you will then be able to address the other associated requirements of regulations.

BigDataRevealed has imbedded functionality to properly address;

  • The need to manage the process of requesting Consent from customers to use their Personal Data in other business activities.
  • Right of Erasure. The need to satisfy a customer’s request to remove all their data from your environment and when to allow it to return.
  • Right of Explanation. The requirement to provide a customer with all information contained in your data environment that relates to them or their business activities with you.

Point-Of-Sale-Video https://youtu.be/iKENBHf6L_I

847.440.4439 info@bigdatarevealed.com  General GDPR Application Video https://youtu.be/nwwqZTY_6Gc

Blog of interesting articles https://gdprapplication.blog/


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