GDPR – DPO’s, C-Levels, A Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) Audit may be Required & BigDataRevealed effortlessly delivers a Comprehensive DPIA in days for most any size company leaving them with a Metadata Catalog & will Remediate with Encryption.

Using archaic methods, a DPIA audit may take a year or more.

With a well thought out Application (like “BigDataRevealed” with new Spring Framework) built for the purpose of GDPR Compliance, effectuating a successful, accurate DPIA Audit is quick & accurate, allowing for a timely Remediation in just days or a few weeks for most any amounts of data.

Remediation avoids the damages sustained by the hackers. If the hackers get to your Customers and company data prior to Encryption of the Personal Data, you’re put in jeopardy.

Be an industry leader, secure Customer’s Personal Data without jeopardizing corporate efficiencies and deliverables.

Without incorporating designs to encrypt, or otherwise anonymize, the Personally Identifiable Information in your environment you really are without a data compliance plan altogether.


847.440.4439  General GDPR Application Video

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