GDPR – What’s the real lesson here? I believe it’s the Protecting of Citizens / Customers Personal Data Worldwide, First and Foremost. This is what causes the Citizens the most harm from Identity theft and other catastrophic losses. Consent, how my data is used, Right of Erasure, all nice to haves and should be our right, but won’t put us in the poor house or cause us the harm having our unencrypted personal data stolen will. It also won’t put companies in jeopardy of losing Customers, reaping large fines, bad publicity, Wall Street nightmares and worse.

If you already have built your first Big Data File System or just Starting too, or still living in the world of legacy SQL & Mainframe data, the key is to protect your Customers Personal data, First and Foremost. Without this being accomplished, all else doesn’t matter. You will most likely (I should say never but taught not too) avoid being hacked by firewalls and cyber security software, alone. It’s when not if.

I also understand the impact of Point-Of-Sale and other business operational processes that you feel will fail and or take years to figure out how to make them operational again, once you encrypt all this Personal Data. For example, how can I have Customers come up to the counter at my pharmacy and give me their name and phone number and other personal data to verify them and see what prescriptions may be waiting for them? I may as well close my doors and go out of business. Not the case.

With the use of Intelligent Application Program Interfaces that can securely convert the unencrypted data given to the store employee and search by that data first then encrypt that data with the same master encryption keys and search for the values, the API can return just one row of decrypted data, have the store employee verify with the customer they have the correct person and complete the transaction and allow the companies application to complete their processes as they normally would.

There is NO longer any reason to be apprehensive about protecting your Customers Personal Data that just may put them as well as your company at overwhelming risk.

Sure, writing these processes from scratch will take specialized expertise, lots of time and trial and error as writing any application takes. Or as most larger companies do, they search the market for software vendors that have already done the effort and have application technology ready to deliver their needs.

BigDataRevealed is ready to deliver these needs along with GDPR Compliance, the building of Big Data File Systems and Applications and much more.


  1. Data ingestion and Pattern Discovery with Encryption in live streaming and at rest data.
  2. Metadata Catalogs / Logical Folder and Container Creation and Storage with data locations with vulnerability
  3. Consent and Right of Erasure
  4. Scalability utilizing Amazons AWS S3 Cloud and Apache Hadoop and Spark
  5. Data Scientist Toolkit

A well thought out Application “BigDataRevealed”, effectuates a successful, accurate creation of Big Data Platforms and file systems, while protecting your Customers Personal Data as well as GDPR and most every Countries Compliance and Regulatory Requirements.

Proper creation and Remediation of Big Data file systems avoids the damages sustained by the hackers. If the hackers get to your Customers data prior to Encryption of the Personal Data, you’re put in jeopardy.

Be an industry leader, build your Big Data File Systems without jeopardizing corporate efficiencies and deliverables, protecting your Customers Personal Data, as well as being Compliant.


847.440.4439  General GDPR Application Video

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