Software Application Company in Data Compliance/Protection, Big Data Systems Seeks an Acquirer. Capture the GDPR, Data Regulatory & Big Data Hadoop, AWS S3 & Cloud Markets.

The EU GDPR is just the beginning, India is now voting on one of the largest Data Regulations affecting over a billion Citizens Data, as are many others.

Big Data Hadoop, AWS S3 and Cloud are growing exponentially.

Data Compliance audits will reach into the billions by 2023, let alone the over 80% of companies that admit to not being GDPR compliant that will be clambering for software applications to become GDPR and other Regulatory Compliant.

We believe BigDataRevealed has that solution as we have designed it as a Personal Data Compliance & Regulatory solution that can achieve the important mandates in an uncomplicated manner as well as a data centric toolkit to expedite the building of Big Data File Systems & applications.

We understand the importance of being a front-runner Spark based, technologically. The value of this technology offers a significant opportunity for the right firm.


847-791-7838 847.440.4439

General GDPR Application Video

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