Is GDPR even Relevant?

Has GDPR been just hype for the past 2 years? Facebook’s market capitalization has crashed over $100 billion and its daily average usage growth rate is down 17% from last year. But these troubles have nothing to do with the EU’s GDPR. Ask most any citizen and they will tell you they have never read an article about GDPR or even have an idea what it means. Clearly the EU has created an interesting and important concept with GDPR but seem to have no plan to promote it nor no means to enforce it. Why then has Facebook, Google and companies such as Yahoo, Wells Fargo and Equifax and many others been so negatively treated by its customers and by the marketplace?

Perhaps customers clearly feel these companies don’t have their best interests in mind when they conduct business and will allow injury to occur to them for the sake of profit. It is the consumer, the press, Wall Street, associations and others that are doing more monitoring and punishing of corporations for irresponsible data management practices than the EU or other government agencies. The average citizen is becoming aware of the risks associated with any on-line activity and will soon demand safety first before convenience. How will your company compete in this environment? 

Putting my personal frustration with EU GDPR aside, what is import, is that Big Data Projects are on the rise as a mechanism to be more competitive through AI, Analytics, Marketing and other information building processing. Companies are even looking to use Big Data to build Operational, Production and Inventory allocation applications. With this trend growing rapidly and the desire by many companies to use the Cloud, it will be increasingly important to use new techniques to protect data held in environments know to be easy targets for hackers.  Encryption, Encrypted Zones, Cyber Security, Firewalls, Kerberos and other protective means will become necessities. We all know hackers will eventually penetrate Firewalls and other security measures but will they have the resources and time to then struggle with encrypted data? We believe they will simply look for more vulnerable targets.

We feel that Encryption of Personal Data is the only true means to protect Customers’ and Company’s Personal Data from hackers.

As Big Data systems are developed, and personal data encrypted, they will still need to interact with the non-encrypted world. Obviously, customers know their name but not how you have encrypted their name.  Point-Of-Sale, Customer service and other transaction processing systems collapse if there is no mechanism to accept unencrypted data and access the correct information from your data stores.

BigDataRevealed was designed to allow any application to use a single API to send unencrypted data to BigDataRevealed and to receive only that customer’s information from the API after it has been decrypted by BigDataRevealed.  This is completed with a minimum of overhead and only minor adjustments to your existing applications.

As Protection of Customers’ Personal Data becomes foremost in a company’s plans, the proper software application becomes an essential first step to achieving your goal. BigDataRevealed is a Software Application designed to operate in a Big Data Environment and coordinated the essential processes of Personal Data Discovery, Encryption, and Access in the real world. BigDataRevealed operates with any flavor of Hadoop and in the Cloud. We are operational on AWS S3 and can adjust for many other Cloud offering. We understand the importance of being a front-runner and are 100% Spark based.

We believe BigDataRevealed is the solution that allows your firm to cash in on the advantages of Big Data while giving you the tools to protect your company from the damages of successful intrusions. We achieve this with an uncomplicated User Interface, a powerful Data Scientist Workbench and a data centric toolkit to expedite the building of Big Data File Systems & applications.

Call us for an incredibly simple 1-2-week proof of concept.


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