With GDPR going stale, Companies are putting their resources back into Big Data Projects. Hadoop, Spark, Amazon AWS S3 and other Cloud platforms are growing as the need to compete with Big Data Platforms increases to effectuate Analytics, AI, Marketing Analysis, Inventory Outlier and Shortage analysis; and to provide Data Scientists with the ability to apply algorithms and processes to all their data assets.

Big Data Environments can take years and many iterations before they are usable, accurate, maintainable and SECURE.

Securing your Big Data Platforms is paramount as it contains all your customers’ personal data and would represent hitting the jackpot for any hacker. Be careful with Ports, Firewalls and diligence with Personal Data encryption. Decryption should only occur for an individual’s data as it is needed for processing and only by those with proper authority. Careful management of Encryption keys is crucial.

We invite Independent Consultants & Small Firms to use BigDataRevealed to expedite building of Big Data Platforms and for Discovery and Protection of Personal Data; as required by GDPR when the EU decides to start enforcement.

Point-Of-Sale-Video https://youtu.be/iKENBHf6L_I 

General GDPR Application Video https://youtu.be/nwwqZTY_6Gc


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