BigDataRevealed’s application is being offered for acquisition, Our accelerator speeds Big Data Creation while protecting personal data. Our Metadata Catalogue speeds the development of Big Data Central Repositories, meeting regulatory compliance. View the attached one-page Architectural diagram, it summarizes the value of our Application / API Offering.

BigDataRevealed was built to provide personal data protection via Discovery and Remediation / Encryption, while expediting the creation of big data analytical systems and frameworks using our single application and powerful APIs. We create an intelligent Metadata Catalogue library within the Big Data environment that is also usable from within your legacy platforms. All our features are imbedded within the Big Data environment by using Spark / Kafka framework with Java for maximum speed, flexibility and scalability.

Use BigDataRevealed to complete a Corporate Analytics engine with the knowledge that our Metadata Catalogue and processing features and functions are fully ready to support and deliver Regulatory Compliancy efforts whenever you or your clients are ready, though your Customers Personal Data will already be protected.



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