White Label BigDataRevealed and, overnight, be part of GDPR, the Worldwide Data Regulatory Compliance Market Space and the explosion of Big Data environments.  Place your name on the most advanced technology available and be able to deliver in days and weeks; not months and years what every company is now struggling to even understand. We will continue to improve and augment our products so that you will always have that advantage over your competition for clients. BigDataRevealed can deliver its Executive and Data Scientist front end toolkit and a series of Spark APIs all with your branding for a reasonable cost and desirable split of Subscription fees.

About BigDataRevealed:

BigDataRevealed is an inventive company, developing Big Data, Data Regulatory Compliance and AI Technologies for acquisition by Software, Consulting, Auditing and Technology companies.

BigDataRevealed studies the marketplace for trends, assesses emerging technologies to determine opportunities for enhancements that will improve their value and diminish their short comings. BigDataRevealed then brings solutions to the market that add value to available technology stacks that accelerates project deliverables at reduced costs and time to delivery. BigDataRevealed utilizes only the most advanced and accepted languages and frameworks to build our applications.

We are 100% Spark / Kafka and Java.

How is BigDataRevealed unique and better than other products in addressing the weaknesses inherent in Big Data environments!

Three years ago, BigDataRevealed went on a journey to remedy the shortcomings plaguing many big data initiatives, namely a solid means to provide what is normally available in other environments, a means to intelligently find what is contained within the big data environment.  Currently this continually requires augmentation and constant intervention by Data Scientists to make the data locatable and usable.

We began with:

  1. The creation of the intelligent metadata catalog.
  2. Continued with the addition of analytical capabilities built upon the intelligent metadata catalog backbone, allowing the “Right if Erasure”.
  3. These features were required to find meaningful insight within the plethora of information hidden within the big data environment.
  4. We have matured the catalog and have launched accelerator packs that utilize the intelligent catalog to deliver meaningful capabilities not clearly available in the marketplace.
  5. For Data Compliance requirements, we offer a Discovery and Remediation of personal information, the ability to locate all information related to a single individual and a Complete interactive Consent Module.

We recognized that the greatest barrier to using a modern ‘Protected’ data platform would be:

  1. The ability of other applications to search that platform and retrieve needed data.
    1. The clearest example might be Point Of Sale applications that must accept un-encrypted data provided by a customer to then find transactions in an encrypted data environment.
  2. Our solution requires minimal adjustments to existing or legacy applications and only decrypts data needed to process a single customer, allowing a company’s existing production systems to process as they normally would.
  3. Our GDPR initiative utilizes an encryption engine housed entirely within the big data environment.
    • We believe this is crucial to allow for identification / discovery and remediation of personal privacy issues without the need for clumsy tools residing outside of the big data environment which potentially allowing leakage of privacy data through the tools enabled for privacy assurance.
  4. Our data scientist workbench provides the entire Big Data Team with the tools needed to accelerate the building of Big Data Platforms and Frameworks.
    • An analytical suite of tools allows the data scientist to discover consumer information contained within the intelligent metadata catalog and to easily schedule and track discovery, remediation or analytic processes needed at regular intervals.
  5. Analytical templates can be easily constructed for utilization by non-technicians and a single user interface will present results to all authorized individuals.
  6. Our intelligent Metadata Catalog provides BDR with a mechanism to present Discovery results and then to locate and protect data to keep your environment safe from intruders. Our Metadata also provides intelligent pathways to that data by outside application so that BDR can easily access, decrypt and present selected data housed in the Big Data environment to a requesting application such as point of sale or customer inquiry applications.

Because we are architected to be fully contained within the big data environment:

  1. Others will be challenged to deliver what we find simplistic because they must bolt on the capabilities they offer to customers through elaborate interfaces to move information in and out of the big data environment.
  2. Each of these interfaces serve as a potential point of failure and a potential point of security lapse and the interfaces themselves stand a strong chance of exposing highly personalized information to hackers, as was the case with Equifax and others who suffered this catastrophe.

We look at the future for our suite of solutions as being extremely bright for all Big Data initiatives and for EU GDPR and other Government’s Data Regulatory compliancy efforts.

What BigDataRevealed delivers in just days, weeks or months will take the competition many months to years to accomplish. While companies that attempt this in-house or with third parties might discover their solution lacks the accuracy, re-usability, tight latency and reliability of BigDataRevealed.

BigDataRevealed Architecture:

  1. Links to watch a short general video and a Point-Of-Sale-Video and Phone and email Contact Info.

Point-Of-Sale-Video https://youtu.be/iKENBHf6L_I

847.440.4439 info@bigdatarevealed.com  General GDPR Application Video https://youtu.be/nwwqZTY_6Gc

Blog of interesting articles https://gdprapplication.blog/

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