BigDataRevealed’s Compliance & Big Data Technology is available for Acquisition & Perpetual Source Code Licensing. Offers will be accepted on September 27, 2018 from 10 AM until 3 PM CST for both. This technology is designed for Data Regulatory Compliance (inclusive of a comprehensive GDPR offering) and for Big Data File System application acceleration.  BigDataRevealed is built to handle large scale environments and projects and would support the needs of Big Data Consulting and Software Firms, Regulatory Compliance Auditing firms and can be integrated with a software vendor’s suite of products.  

The acquisition price for BigDataRevealed’s application is between 12-15 million dollars (15 million dollars will guarantee sole ownership). Until acquisition, we will be accepting all offers of 3 million dollars for perpetual source code licenses (plus 2-years gross product royalties of 15%). Source code licenses will include restrictions, one major restriction will be that the code may never be open sourced. If no qualifying offer of 12-15 million is received, the product will remain on the market & any and all limits removed.

Time to market can be crucial when attempting to gain clients in this emerging technological domain. BigDataRevealed is ready today and covers the full spectrum of Data Regulatory and GDPR Compliance needs, is scalable to handle massive data volumes, supports integration of Big Data file systems with existing applications, even legacy databases, through the use of our API’s and Metadata Catalogs that are embedded into the Big Data environment.  Be a leader in a market place that is said to reach levels of 200 billion in the next few years, with the DPIA auditing market predicted to reach 1.6 billion by 2023.

BigDataRevealed studies the marketplace for trends, assesses emerging technologies to determine opportunities for enhancements that will improve their value and diminish their shortcomings. BigDataRevealed then brings solutions to the market that add value to available technology stacks that accelerates project deliverables at reduced costs and time to delivery. BigDataRevealed utilizes only the most advanced and accepted languages and frameworks to build our applications. We are 100% Spark / Kafka and Java.

BigDataRevealed does not plan to take these products and technology stacks to market but prefers to seek organizations with existing marketing presence and expertise to acquire these products and bring them to market. Our task of successfully developing, testing, scaling and benchmarking these products demonstrates the market readiness of these applications.

BigDataRevealed’s Compliance & Big Data Technology is available for Acquisition & Perpetual Source Code Licensing. Offers will be accepted on Sept. 27

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