It must be frustrating to be an EU GDPR Regulator with no apparent ability to validate and enforce the Regulations when with just the ten top Revenue companies in the world, there is a potential of 108 Billion US dollars in fines. And wouldn’t it be fantastic to be a Regulator and be paid solely in commission, all I would need is technology that could quickly and accurately discover the unprotected personal data being stored in almost every company’s data environment. How many companies are ignoring privacy by design, ignoring consent and general privacy policies of the EU GDPR. How easy it seems to me, knowing such a technology does exist and neither Regulators nor Companies are using it  to fulfill their obligations.

Maybe it’s time for the EU GDPR Commission and the ICO to consider bringing in technologies that can be implemented in hours, not months or years, and deliver a DPIA or other Auditing proof to substantiate violations of their regulations that were so carefully crafted over two years ago. If the EU believes their regulations have merit, and citizens should have their personal data protected, then perhaps real enforcement is the only way to make that occur.

Will new initiatives by Canada, Germany, Australia, India, 17 states in the USA, and other countries make them the leaders in personal data protection instead of the EU?

Of course, I am going to pitch BigDataRevealed for I know it can be implemented and start delivering in hours and meet the criteria listed above. If there are other application technologies that can deliver the same, I would suggest using them as much as using BigDataRevealed, then its about cost, ease of use, time to completion and other factors.

BigDataRevealed announced last week its taking bids for its BigDataRevealed application this coming 27th of September 2018. If a bid comes in over the posted amount of 15 million dollars, we can no longer offer the following.

“Until then, BigDataRevealed is offering to the EU GDPR Commission and the ICO a one-time fee of 1.5 million USD dollars not just for a license or subscription, but for a source code license so they can be secure knowing they have the application for life, they can modify the code as their regulations change, they can create and modify graphical interfaces, and be in full control over their own technology to enforce their own Regulations.” Are any other GDPR software application vendors willing to do the same?



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