BigDataRevealed’s recent announcement to accept offers for acquisition of our Big Data Application or for source code licensing, this coming September 27th, has produced a flurry of activity from a number of sources. Vendor Companies are realizing they need technology to assist in Regulatory Data Compliance, GDPR and in building Big Data file systems and frameworks.

We received interest from diverse industry sectors that included banking, auditing, consulting, business and analytical software vendors, and even large fortune companies in the digital, retail and manufacturing arenas.

After 4 years of developing what we feel is the most comprehensive Big Data Application accelerator and Data Regulatory Compliance (Inclusive of GDPR) software available in the market today we decided it was time to seek other technological challenges and release BigDataRevealed for acquisition by a firm with broader market presence. BigDataRevealed includes a set of APIs, a Data Scientist Toolkit and was built to run from within the Big Data Environment for maximum speed and scalability. We are realizing most every business sector should benefit from BigDataRevealed Application and are pleased with the general response to our recent offer.

We are confident several strong firms in different business sectors will be successful in bringing BigDataRevealed to the thousands of companies that are searching for business solutions that will allow them to prosper in a world demanding Personal Data Protection, while not destroying their ability to produce Business and Marketing Analytics. We believe we can continue to supply the tools and expertise needed by firms acquiring our source code to remain industry leaders into the future with industry specific predictive analytics and AI.

We as professionals will honor the acquisition of BigDataRevealed if the prior posted reserve is met but anticipate having a greater impact by accepting source code licensing agreements from firms in each of the major business sectors, while taking care not to over saturate a particular market sector. For this reason, we have stepped up our program to sell source code licensing to select vendor companies in verticalized markets until or if the BigDataRevealed Reserve acquisition selling price is met next Thursday.

Please reach us asap to take advantage of our specialized source code licensing for BigDataRevealed before it may be too late to enter into these two hottest sectors in the Information Technology Sectors (over 200 billion dollars this year alone) for a fraction of the price to build yourself and be a player in the markets, day one.



General GDPR Application Video

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