A recent Reuters survey revealed that many of the regulators meant to police GDPR compliance weren’t ready to do so when it went live. In fact, seventeen of 24 authorities who responded said: “they did not yet have the necessary funding, or would initially lack the powers, to fulfil their GDPR duties.” Article Mike Smart Forcepoint

Still not GDPR compliant? It’s time to get a move on with three simple steps

Mike Smart, Security Strategist, EMEA, Forcepoint, explains to Information Age a blueprint for GDPR compliance.

However, this doesn’t mean that firms can become complacent. Just because the authorities might not yet be ready to investigate all breaches, doesn’t mean that the breaches won’t be just as damaging to an organisation and its ability to continue trading effectively. In today’s world, there is always a cybercriminal looking for a weak system.

We believe that leadership teams need to follow a robust and simultaneous plan which will allow them to become compliant and use security technology efficiently to protect the personal data of customers or employees.

We told you so last week, https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/must-frustrating-eu-gdpr-regulator-apparent-ability-validate-meister/

Mike Smart https://www.information-age.com/still-not-gdpr-compliant-123474908/


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