“Brexit campaigner AggregateIQ challenges UK’s first GDPR notice

Canadian biz faces massive fine for allegedly exploiting personal info from Facebook.

A Canadian data analytics firm on the receiving end of the UK’s first-ever violation notice of Europe’s new data privacy laws is appealing the claims against it.

The GDPR notice was sent by Blighty’s Information Commissioner (ICO) against AggregateIQ, an organization linked to the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal. The biz faces a possible €20m ($23.5m) fine.

The company denies any wrongdoing, and is challenging the notice.

The GDPR notification was the first in the new data privacy environment where companies are legally obligated to limit the personal data they gather on people, be open about how they use that data, and allow people to demand that their information is deleted.

The fact it was a GDPR notice was only just spotted last week.”


Maybe the EU GDPR Commission and UK ICO have finally begun enforcement actions and will be targeting the huge percentage of companies that are not protecting the personal data stored in their environment. Who knows how severe sever fines will become; 23.5 million USD will seem somewhat trivial to 4% of last year’s global turnover.

Point-Of-Sale-Video https://youtu.be/iKENBHf6L_I

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General GDPR Application Video https://youtu.be/nwwqZTY_6Gc

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