Consultancies, Auditing Firms and Independents, have your own Branded GDPR, Big Data Accelerator Application Solution in 2 Days on your AWS S3 / Hadoop Cloud or in-house Hadoop computers.  This includes a complete Executive, Data Scientists Graphical Interface and a series of API’s that are Spark/Kafka/Java and spring / swagger based, callable from most applications.

We have completed the architecture, research and development efforts; performed benchmarks to prove scalability in a Big Data Hadoop, HBase or AWS S3 environment. We execute within these frame works without exposing your Customers personal data.

The Graphical Interface will proudly display your companies name giving you the credit and your Customers the security and comfort you are behind this essential technology.

Our product installs in less than a day and contains a complete current version of Apache Hadoop if desired. Even if your customers do not currently have a Big Data environment implemented you can begin delivering the following in just a day.

  1. Ability to provide all components needed for Data Regulatory Compliance (GDPR and others)
  • Discovery and path location of all Personal Data and Data Patterns
  • Using Metadata catalogues that were created by the application as data was processed and streamed into the Big Data environment, as well as the existing data at rest, the application knows the location of all personal data in the environment. With these tables you have the necessary components to complete a Data Protection Impact Assessment Audit.
  • Remediation of exposed Personal Data through encryption can also be accomplished with this product with a simple request. The Metadata Catalogue has the path identifying the location of the Personal Data so that encryption can become a press of a button, even sharable back to the legacy systems.
  • Discovery of Indirect Personal Identifiers.
  • Capability to search/discover all data related to a specific individual; thereby making it possible to provide a citizen with their ‘Right of Erasure’ or ‘Right to be informed’.
  • A complete Consent Module allowing for interactive communication with customers to receive and document their consent for use of their Personal Data.
  1. Using the application’s APIs, it is possible to connect existing legacy applications to an encrypted data base and support existing Point of Sale processing with very minimal adjustments, or other transactional processing applications involving a single customer. Data is only decrypted for a single customer and re-encrypted immediately thereafter.
  2. Process IoT & Streaming Social Media data before it is entered into the file system, thereby allowing encryption of Personal Data before it is included as data at rest.
  3. The Installation of all Necessary and not installed Components of Hadoop, Spark Hbase and everything else needed to be delivering day one with the complete Application.

Contact us to provide your clients with what we consider the most advanced and complete Data Compliancy application. Minimal to No up-front costs & reasonable sharing of annual subscription fees.

847.440.4439  GDPR Application Video

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