GDPR Application Solution; a 16-minute video from install to discovery of billions of rows of personal data, where it resides and the ability to remediate (encrypt) that data all in just a day or two.  Save your company GDPR fines that have already ranged from $23.5 million to a possible $1.6 billion recently & save your company the negative press of exposing the personal data of your customers.

Imagine, in just a few weeks, your company can have the ability to establish proper Consent for use of citizens personal data, an efficient right of erasure process, the ability to identify indirect identifiers & also procedures to identify outlier transactions and activities that might represent fraud or theft. Also imagine these abilities in a big data, scalable Hadoop or Amazons AWS S3’s environment. Imagine no more.

Use our product on Amazons AWS S3 or Hadoop with the AMI file, or on your in-house Hadoop platform & give yourself the comfort our claims are real.

Don’t take this risk, when a solution exists that costs you & a few members of your technical staff Just a few days to complete a proof of concept that could save your company a minimum of $23.5 million USD in fines & loss of customer confidence or as much as 4% of last year’s turnover.


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