GDPR Application Solution; a 16-minute video from install to discovery of billions of rows of personal data, where it resides and the ability to remediate (encrypt) that data all in just a day or two.  Save your company GDPR fines that have already ranged from $23.5 million to a possible $1.6 billion recently & save […]

Consultancies, Auditing Firms and Independents, have your own Branded GDPR, Big Data Accelerator Application Solution in 2 Days on your AWS S3 / Hadoop Cloud or in-house Hadoop computers.  This includes a complete Executive, Data Scientists Graphical Interface and a series of API’s that are Spark/Kafka/Java and spring / swagger based, callable from most applications. […]

*Reminder:* BigDataRevealed Taking Acquisition & Source Code License Bids Tomorrow September 27 2018 from 10 AM until 3 PM CST. For details on the offerings please click on the link below for additional details and feel free to call the number below prior to the bid times with any questions. 847.440.4439 Google Voice – 847-791-7838 Direct […]

“Brexit campaigner AggregateIQ challenges UK’s first GDPR notice Canadian biz faces massive fine for allegedly exploiting personal info from Facebook. A Canadian data analytics firm on the receiving end of the UK’s first-ever violation notice of Europe’s new data privacy laws is appealing the claims against it. The GDPR notice was sent by Blighty’s Information Commissioner (ICO) […]

A recent Reuters survey revealed that many of the regulators meant to police GDPR compliance weren’t ready to do so when it went live. In fact, seventeen of 24 authorities who responded said: “they did not yet have the necessary funding, or would initially lack the powers, to fulfil their GDPR duties.” Article Mike Smart […]

BigDataRevealed’s recent announcement to accept offers for acquisition of our Big Data Application or for source code licensing, this coming September 27th, has produced a flurry of activity from a number of sources. Vendor Companies are realizing they need technology to assist in Regulatory Data Compliance, GDPR and in building Big Data file systems and […]

It must be frustrating to be an EU GDPR Regulator with no apparent ability to validate and enforce the Regulations when with just the ten top Revenue companies in the world, there is a potential of 108 Billion US dollars in fines. And wouldn’t it be fantastic to be a Regulator and be paid solely […]