BigDataRevealed Product Info Overview

An Application that performs many functions that streamline the effort needed to accomplish GDPR Readiness:

  1. For the explicit purpose of keeping your Customers’ Personal Data Secure so that hackers and internal threats will be deterred. We accomplish this through sophisticated encryption processes.
  2. To track and promote communication between you and your customers regarding “Consent” to use their Personal Data. BDR’s system provides screens and files to organize the exchange of documents, free form text and other attachments and information.
  3. To allow for the Encryption, Sequestration, after the Discovery of Personal Data Patterns as well as specific User requested Data Asset Values.
  4. To Discover, Identify, Delete and aid you in delivering to any customer, all data related to them whether it was contained in legacy systems, PDFs, Emails or most any other form of structured or unstructured data. Thereby satisfying their ‘Right of Erasure’.
  5. To supply your company with extensive Catalog and Metadata to keep track, validate and prove all the above actions were received, acknowledged and successfully acted upon.
  6. Provide APIs and design expertise that will allow you continued use of your ‘Protected’ data so that your business can continue in much the same manner as before GDPR.
  7. Deliver a Roadmap to quickly accomplish the above for GDPR Compliance and continued operations.

BigDataRevealed has functionality to address the above considerations.

EU’s GDPR = General Data Protection Regulation.
BDR’s GDPR = Governance through Discovery using a metadata Path to Remediation.
BDR is thorough, comprehensive, accurate and fast. Designed specifically for GDPR

Watch this short video, then decide if you want to take advantage of this offer.

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