BigDataRevealed’s Compliance & Big Data Technology is available for Acquisition & Perpetual Source Code Licensing. Offers will be accepted on September 27, 2018 from 10 AM until 3 PM CST for both. This technology is designed for Data Regulatory Compliance (inclusive of a comprehensive GDPR offering) and for Big Data File System application acceleration.  BigDataRevealed […]

White Label BigDataRevealed and, overnight, be part of GDPR, the Worldwide Data Regulatory Compliance Market Space and the explosion of Big Data environments.  Place your name on the most advanced technology available and be able to deliver in days and weeks; not months and years what every company is now struggling to even understand. We […]

About BigDataRevealed: BigDataRevealed is an inventive company, developing Big Data, Data Regulatory Compliance and AI Technologies for acquisition by Software, Consulting, Auditing and Technology companies. BigDataRevealed studies the marketplace for trends, assesses emerging technologies to determine opportunities for enhancements that will improve their value and diminish their short comings. BigDataRevealed then brings solutions to the […]

BigDataRevealed’s application is being offered for acquisition, Our accelerator speeds Big Data Creation while protecting personal data. Our Metadata Catalogue speeds the development of Big Data Central Repositories, meeting regulatory compliance. View the attached one-page Architectural diagram, it summarizes the value of our Application / API Offering. BigDataRevealed was built to provide personal data protection […]

Nielsen Faces Shareholder Lawsuit Over GDPR Statements Nielsen shareholder Arun Bhattacharya is suing the firm, its CEO and CFO over the company’s alleged misleading statements regarding its readiness for the recently implemented GDPR privacy laws. September 3 2018. I believe this just may become the norm for major businesses in the United States and […]

BigDataRevealed Acquisition Agenda: Third in a series of 7 Demos, Architecture Discussion and Walk Through and Q&A, Sept 4, at 10 PM Central, Dial-in number (US): (857) 957-1130, Access code: 465-633-180# International dial-in numbers: Online meeting ID: bigdatarevealed Join the online meeting: Synopsis: BigDataRevealed, for all potential Acquirers, its Big Data Platform Accelerator and GDPR […]

BigDataRevealed Acquisition Agenda: First in a series of 7 Demos September 4, at  9 AM Central Demos General Overall Discovery, Encryption, Streaming, Metadata / Catalog & Q&A Dial-in number (US): (857) 957-1130 Access code: 465-633-180# International dial-in numbers: Online meeting ID: bigdatarevealed Join the online meeting: Synopses: BigDataRevealed, for all potential Acquirers, its […]